First Smile is a nonprofit organization (NPO) registered under the South African law, with the main objective to mobilize young people to be actors of development through community engagement, social activities and advocacy.

Our goal is to mobilize African youth to become more active in community development and charity activities for poor communities in general and children in particular (campaign, charity action, fundraising,…)

Currently Fist Smile is operating in South Africa and DRC, and has the plan to expand in other African countries within the coming years.


First Smile South Africa runs four major programs: advocacy; smile buddy club, outreach and Youth and the MDGs.


First Smile South Africa empowers young people to be active citizens and contribute in community development through advocacy. Young people mostly in disadvantaged communities are capacitated to advocate for better service deliveries within their communities.  Young people are also empowered to impart their peers in and out of schools to become active citizens and role model in their communities and families.

Smile Buddy Clubs

Smile buddy clubs are small voluntary clubs of youth touched and committed in the charity network,
The Smile Buddies are the small group of 1st smile members in different area, city, countries,
Be a smile buddy, represent 1st SMILE in your area!!!! Bring your friends and family to charity activities, we are implementing different charity activities to keep those youth active and share the love of charity as “donation visit”.


Program that consists of visiting different orphanages with donations, the objective of those actions is to touch more youth and engender the culture of charity and voluntarism amongst the youth.

Youth and the MDGs

This program aims to raise awareness of young people on the MDGs, especially the MDG 1: “Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger”; MDG 2: “Achieve universal primary education” MDG 3: “Promote gender equality and empower women”; MDG4: “Reduce child mortality” and MDG 6: “Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases”. These goals have been identified as the most related to young people and will have great impact in their future.

East DRC’s program

Its managing 2 orphanages in BUKAVU (east of DRC) sud kivu:
-SAINT PAUL managed by Sister Angelique, located at KAVUMU, 30km from BUKAVU, with 134 children between 1 and 17 years old
-Centre ASINO located at  bukavu , PANZI , with 467 children  in wish 68 between 2-16 years old
-free treatment medical center  for displaced in bukavu


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