How we operates

Two Departments called cell:

Cell of Emergency: resumes by what can be done urgently as a first intervention according
to the different programs, which consist in:
- Creating a campaign theme
- Contacting the NGO, orphanages qnd campaign partner and the beneficiary of the funds raised
- Creating Campaign events
- Organising donation collections
- charity visit
- Campaign report

Cell of durable Programs: Consists in elaborating a long term and durable project to profit
the children which will be followed by the 1st Smile programs
Mode de travail avec les jeunes :
? Une politique d implication de tous:
-->1st smile conçoit le projet
-->La lance sous une petite campagne de sensibilisation
-->Exécute l opération de récolté de dons
-->Exécute la distribution de dons récoltés
-->Fait le rapport final et propage l action


You welcome to support our action, feel free to join us and discuss the better way to get your donation
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