What is 1st smile

1st Smile is a charity organization; precisely a  NPC “non profit company”
 Reg 2012/126614/08, registered in terms of the companies act 71 of 2008
South africa , with the aim to mobilize communities all over Africa in general  to massively participate in  different charity campaigns for orphans, neglected and abused kids, through orphanages, hospitals and
Nongovernmental organization in Africa


- Raise awareness of the dangers, crisis and issues in the community
- Mobilized local  communities to give back trough charity activities
by Developing  new strategies for a succession of campaigns by following different points as follows:

-->Set Goals
-->Donor Focused
-->Top Endorsement and Involvement of management
-->Follow-up during Campaigns
-->Charity Events
-->Awareness events
-->Fundraising events

« sa mission est de «conscientiser la jeunesse des vraies valeurs sociales et la pousser à être plus active aux différentes activités caritatives pour les enfants » (événements, campagnes, actions) »

 The field:

1st Smile is working with communities or communities them self, with  a worldwide member willing to give their best for successful campaign. It presently operates in South Africa;, DRC, congo,

Mission is to assist orphans, abused children, neglected and army conflict victim

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-->Donate 1$ avec a travers M-Pesa au numero 0811999924 au vodashop le plus proche de chez vous.Parrainez un enfant soutenez nos programmes

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